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Addresses & door code manager

Padlok, a smart door code manager built with privacy in mind

Once more standing at building’s door without codes? Not anymore!

  • Manage your addresses, and associated info
  • Get notified nearby
  • Share them in a blink!
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  • Create your address sheets, and associate codes, intercom, floor, and any relevant access info
  • Add your address using a postal address, a contact, or by picking a place on the map
  • Customize your addresses: color, glyph, favorite, suggested by Siri or in widgets
  • Get a notification when you’re approaching, it’ll disappear if you just pass
  • Share your address end-to-end encrypted with a secure link (Example link), or with a Padlok QR Code
  • Import addresses you have retrieved by link, or QR Code
  • Open share links within the app, in an App Clip, or in a web-app
  • Tagging addresses, and a smart filter depending on your current Focus mode
  • Accessing and interacting with addresses using Shortcuts app
  • Lockscreen and homescreen widgets, showing the closest suggested address, or the one you select
  • Start an itinerary with your favorite app with a tap
  • WatchOS app for a on-the-go consultation
  • iCloud syncing to never loose your addresses


  • Customization of notification area, and the reception schedule
  • Create more than one share link per address sheet, with customized expiration time
  • Import and export addresses (compatible between iOS and upcoming Android app)


  • iOS 15 and more
  • watchOS 8 and more


Padlok is free to download, and contains a pro tier called “Padlok Premium” that removes limitations and unlocks additional features.

FreePadlok Premium
Address limit3unlimited
Automatic notificationsbasicadvanced1
Share links per address1unlimited1
Share links expiration45 dayscustomizable1
Customization (icons, colors)
Tags and advance filtering
Biometry lock
Data import / export1

The following tarification is available for Padlok Premium:

US $FR €UK £
Monthly subscription$0.990.99 €£0.99
Annual subscription$6.997.99 €£6.99
Unique lifetime payment$22,9924,99 €£22,99

Currently writing an article about Padlok?

Ask us a free promo code in private on Mastodon/Threads or by mail to test Premium features 🙂



Padlok is a secure door code manager that allows you to store and access in a blink to all your addresses, codes, intercoms, floors and much more.

Having a bad time looking for the codes in front of doors? Padlok sends you a notification with all info required when you arrive nearby; You can also have around all infos needed by adding Padlok widgets on your homescreen or lockscreen.

The app Premium service also unlock great features: no more restriction for adding all your addresses, customize them, and lock you application using biometry sensors, and much more!

Padlok’s mission is to make your daily life easier by offering you an effective management tool, but it does not neglect privacy, and takes the security of your data very seriously! CloudKit storage and end-to-end encrypted share technology guarantee global privacy and security for your data. That way, only the contact you share your infos with will have access to it. Inclusiveness is also in the core of the app, which offers free customization of its App Icon. Compatibility with Apple accessibility technologies like VoiceOver also ensure that Padlok is available for everyone.

Our story

The idea of a smart door code manager is born right after an evening spent at a friend’s place. While we were at the doorstep of the building, the rain and the groceries we did for the night made it difficult to search for the codes in a contact sheet, in the notes, or even in the messages. The idea draw itself: “Isn’t there an app for that? It would notify us automatically in front of the door, and would give us the info.” That’s how Padlok journey began.

Our mission: make your daily life easier by bringing an intuitive and functional door code manager, compatible with most devices (iOS, WatchOS, and soon Android); while never neglecting privacy and security of the data compose our ethic values.

  1. Feature actively being developed, available later ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

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