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Friday, July 21, 2023

Padlok biggest update ever will release on August 4th!

Padlok, the best in class address and related info manager is getting a major release on August, the 4th.

Since the beginning, Padlok is reminding users of all the info they need when they arrive somewhere; and it’s also the best way to share the details of your place securely and with privacy in mind for a delivery, or when you have visitors.

With the upcoming release, Padlok is about to become even better!

Better integration with iOS

Now, with the upcoming release, Padlok will gain more integration with iOS than ever, including:

Advanced filtering

This release also comes with tools dedicated to filtering your addresses in-app so that you can access the most relevant addresses at any time:

And more…

Other smaller but still relevant changes coming with this update are:

Coming on August 4th

The update will come for free in the App Store on August 4th.

If you’re a press member, you can ask us a TestFlight link to use those new features right away. Ask us on Mastodon or by Mail.

Global overview

  1. Requires iOS 16 or more ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Advanced filtering requires a premium purchase ↩︎


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